Embark on a Transformative Journey: A Weeklong Retreat with Intunity

Join a heart-centered community in the unspoiled beauty of nature for a profound collective experience.

Do you feel the Calling?

Are you inspired to live authentically,
grounded in your sovereign consciousness? To integrate the lessons from your healing journey into daily life, relationships, and community?

If your heart yearns to co-create a more beautiful world, 

you are invited to join us!

Unlock Your Sacred Warrior

It’s time to come together and

remember the universal, timeless practices of our ancestors:

Embodiment, Breath, Music, Plant Medicine, and Nature 

Ground yourself  in three five pillars of human resilience.

*inspired by the work of Jamie Wheal: Recapture the Rapture

Release and Rejuvenate


Release stored up emotions,
let go of tension in the body,
relax rigid thought patterns
Cry, shake, and laugh
yourself back into the present moment




Connection and Belonging


Come together in circle
Share yourself,
be seen, be felt, be heard,
and be held
by the amplified field of the group.




Oneness with Nature


Connect to the Intelligence of Nature
through the Mycelium network
Partake in a Sacred Ceremony
with plant medicine and Sound Healing.
Feel at home your core and in Unity.




“In a world that encourages separation, coming together in unity is an act of true courage.”

What Awaits You:


Spiritual Exploration:
Dive into your essence through Divine Embodiment and Spirit Exploration.

Personal Alignment:
Unleash vitality with Breathwork & Energy Activation.

Deep Connections:
Foster transformational relationships transcending ordinary bonds.

The Sacred Arts of the Heart:
Embrace healing Voice, Dance, and Submersive Sound Journeys.

Nature Adventures:
Explore the natural world through harmonic healing soundscapes.

Sacred Rituals:
Experience renewal through Empowering Medicine Ceremonies.

Dance into freedom with Ecstatic Movement.

Every aspect is curated to guide you toward renewal, connection, and the bliss of your true essence, empowered by the wisdom of your breath, body, and EntheoSonic® medicine.

Join us for a life-changing retreat, discover your unique alchemy, and expand your horizons on this heart-awakening journey.

Our Daily Program

8am- 9am Morning Practice

9am – 10am Breakfast

10.30am – 12.30pm Workshop | Training

1pm Lunch

2pm-4:30pm Nature | Rest | me-time

4:30pm- 6:30pm Heart EQ Circle

7pm Dinner

8pm Evening Activity
(Yin Yoga | Massage | Dance)

THURSDAY – Ceremony Day
(itinerary differs)

SATURDAY – Closing ceremony with Ecstatic Dance / Sound Journey

We will cleanse and replenish together.
We will grieve and cry together.
We will clarify what is important and make sense of what doesn’t.
We will laugh, eat, and pray.
And we will dance and celebrate together.

What is included


Sacred Medicine Ceremony with Sound Healing

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release

– Circlework powered by Heart EQ

– Voice Liberation

– Ecstatic Dance and Sound Healing 

– Nature excursions/ adventures

– Somatic Integration

– Post retreat One-on-one Integration Call

– Pre-retreat Screening Call

– 7 day /  6 nights Accommodation

– Organic, wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner

– Morning Practice: Qi Gong, Yoga, Movement Medicine,

– Embodiment practices

Your investment


For more info and booking, please schedule a free discovery call with us.

Limited Space Available

This retreat is for an intimate group of max 15 people only

Meet the Team

Maurice Spees

Voice Alchemist, Holistic Sound Therapist and Transformational Guide & facilitator

 Maurice, the founder of Intunity, is a Voice Alchemist and Artist dedicated to helping people reconnect with their core frequency through the power of his voice. His lifelong connection to the sacredness of nature initially found expression in filmmaking and mindful photography, and later, through nature immersion retreats under his Earthkeepers initiative over the past eight years. Discovering the transformational synergy of his voice and sound with psilocybin, Maurice was called to conducts private and group sessions and ceremonies in Holland, Ibiza, and Lebanon. His work focuses on reuniting individuals with nature’s intelligence and the divine in everything, and under the banner of Intunity, he continues to guide others towards this profound unity.

Kasia Patzelt

Embodiment & Psychedelic Integration Coach

Kasia Patzelt is an Embodiment/Integration Coach and Artist. She brings with her 18 years of working with people through bodywork, breathwork, meditation, trauma release and coaching. Her own experiences with psychedelics have taught her that the key to healing and transformation is in the integration process and the ability to find safety with others. If we can’t bring our hard-won insights into our relationships (with self, other and beyond), then what’s it all for anyway? Her passion is the intelligence of the body and the dance between mind  and heart. And how that magic expresses itself creatively into the world.

Marta Brzeska

Food Alchemist & Intuitive Healer

Marta is a chef, yoga teacher, massage therapist, and Intuitive Feminine Coach. She has been working with others in the healing space for over 15 years. Her own healing journey led her to deeply explore the body’s relationship with food. What she brings to the table however is not just science, but a profound devotion to what nourishes us on all levels. What Maurice does with his voice, Marta does with food. What she loves most is to help women get in touch with their bodies and pleasure on all levels.

Next Steps for Joining the Retreat

Initial Contact:

We prioritise the responsible use of plant medicine in our retreats. To ensure this experience is the right fit for you, we’d like to connect beforehand. If you’re interested or have questions,

click HERE to get in touch with us

Discovery Call:

We’ll schedule a discovery call with you to discuss the retreat’s details and to confirm that this is the appropriate next step for your journey.


Secure your spot by making a €500 deposit. This deposit is fully refundable up to 30 days before the retreat begins.

“In recent years, we’ve all felt the shifts in our world and in our lives.

What matters most to us seems increasingly fragile.

It’s not just about navigating external challenges,

but also about maintaining our inner clarity, compassion, and resilience.

Now is the perfect time to come together,

to focus on what truly matters,

and to empower ourselves and each other.”

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What people say about our work


What an amaaazing ceremony we had with Maurice…Ive been to lots of ceremonies and met lots of Shamans.. some great ones as well.. But Maurice is a very very very special being.. so the ceremony isnt only about the medicine or the inner journey and the incredible healing (one of the most profound Ive ever had.) but all about how the space is held with so much love, selflessness and care.. Maurice is a very very special Soul that is rare to find..  give yourself this gift of a life time experience with Maurice.. Blessed to have been in your space. Thank you Angel.


What a magical experience… this has been the most powerful and healing session of my life. I received amazing messages and I feel like a new person. Maurice is such a beautiful soul and is so connected throughout the entire ceremony… I felt like he guided us so beautifully and he knew exactly what was going on inside of us. I can’t wait to have another ceremony with him.


The ceremony with Maurice was transformational, his beautiful voice brings in the divine and healing happens!

Rita Salame


I acquired an understanding that nothing had to be done, nothing had to be solved, nothing had to be forced … a clarity that I had never reached … beyond the ego, beyond the physical… the unknown was now known … I tapped into the power and gifts of my soul and the fears that were keeping me from embracing them … I connected to my light … this was everything … a rebirth, the beginning of a new life. Let alone the setting and the beautiful house we were having the ceremony at. Let alone the love and care I got from Maurice and Kassia. I felt at home. I felt taken care of. It was beautiful. I recommend it to all beautiful souls out there struggling in the matrix.



My journey with Maurice was ineffable and I will try to do it justice to find the words that capture this transcendent experience. Maurice is a fantastic guide, not only for myself but for the medicine itself. He utilizes finesse as well as great insight when using his gift in a way that allowed me to feel completely safe and supported and at the same time non-intrusive. Throughout I felt I had the space to travel my path and yet knowing that he was with me throughout holding the space and releasing pressure when needed.

During the ceremony, his voice and music allowed my voice to open in a way I had never heard myself sound like before in all 45 years I’ve been on this planet. It was the most powerful aspect of this journey – I heard myself for the first time. Maurice does not imitate anyone, he is truly a unique sound healer.

My intention was to connect with my sacral and I felt a tremendous release through the medicine with Maurice’s guidance that felt like a traumatic release in connection to my mother and her childhood trauma. It was the first time I felt energy moving in my sacral and it was both a relief and truly empowering.

This was my first journey with Maurice and it will definitely not be my last. He is a true healer and a wonderful human being.



Before the ceremony, I was a tired soul that was sleep walking through life. I did not feel joy or a purpose for life anymore.
And then the medicine ceremony helped me ”wake up” and breathe again. It was a real rebirth. I felt alive again, for the first time in as long as I can remember.
I feel so much lighter, and closer to my true essence than ever before.
I saw myself, or a glimpse of myself for real.
It was the most liberating, moving and touching experience I’ve had so far on both spiritual and emotional levels.
Today, I really feel a major shift in my life and how I look at things.
It’s simply beautiful.
Wishing for all beings to have this opportunity to feel life and deep love again.


Kasia knows the body, the emotions and how to help you express what needs to be moved. She’s brilliant! A force of light that’s teaching you to be embodied.

Carrie Montgomery

Founder of "Somatic Dressing Method"

I want to thank Maurice for being the being that he is. Maurice is a vessel whose main purpose is to help people heal. His connection with the medecine is unique. His medecine is potent. The space of his ceremony is filled with light. Maurice is born to do that.


Paris, France

Kasia is the most dedicated coach I have ever witnessed, and her motivation to go above and beyond is truly heartwarming. She truly cares for her clients and will leave no stone unturned in helping them. Doing breathwork with Kasia is alone profoundly healing, but Kasia is much more than just a breath coach. With her kind, clear, warm, and genuine presence she will help you understand and master your emotions and find your true values and meaning in life, while enjoying the ride! Working with Kasia has changed so many aspects of my life in a profoundly positive way and I see the value of her coaching as beyond measurable.

Aksel Hellerud

Entrepreneur, Norway

I experienced a ceremony with Maurice and my experience was incredible
I felt safe enough to just allow my emotions to flow and was guided by an intense feminine energy inside my body, when i connected with it i just couldn’t stop crying, I felt very liberated.
It has really taught me to feel the energy inside my body and how to connect with it
and afterwards, now every day I’ve been practicing to tune in inwardly and feel what’s going on.
Thank truly!




Kasia has taught me how to manage my anxiety, about self-love and how to look at life from a different perspective. Through Breath and other techniques, she helped me to address the traumatic event that happened sometime ago in my life and left me diagnosed with PTSD. It was the beginning of a new life for me! She was nurturing, caring and consistent in her professional approach. She is well informed, honest, compassionate and empathic. I would highly recommend Kasia to anyone that needs help. I promise you will never regret this decision and you will gain a genuine friend along the way!

Pamela McKoy

Nurse, England

I first met Kasia in a Women’s circle based on the principles of HeartIq. Kasia is great at knowing how to conduct a group into what they need to work on. She allows everybody to “just” be. She leads through wisdom and intuition taking the group into a more profound and knowable place. You grow and discover new things about yourself under her presence.

Minerva Rossi

Coach, Spain

Maurice has guided an amazing ceremony for us. We asked Maurice to guide a ceremony for us to get clarification on a big decision. He created a beautiful, sacred and ancient set-up and ritual that made us feel very safe and connected to our intentions and to all the creatures of nature. I am so happy we invited Maurice to hold this beautiful space for our journey and guiding us to our deeper questions. With his guidens during the ceremony and also the days afterwards we got lots of clarification and the answers we hoped for.


Entrepreneur, Netherlands

The experience was amazing … It is still with me, in my heart, in my everyday experience … Maurice, a beautiful awakened soul that reached a state of balance between his divine feminine and divine masculine accompanied me on my journey … This journey was out of the ordinary … nothing I had ever experienced before … it gave me a sense of the truth; the truth of my soul and my existence… the truth behind my sufferings, my wisdom, my strength and my pain … An understanding on another level, a maturity in the way I look at things… it changed my entire perception … I was finally feeling enough and standing in my power … the power of the divine …


The best way I can describe “The journey with Maurice” is like embedding the song “amazing grace” into your body and life. Maurice with his magnificent voice, allows tremendous life transformation to occur, connecting you with the mother, feminine power, the serpent (giving rise to healing), as you unveil answers and reach the truth within you. You are naked, real, authentic and feel safe after that. You become the director in what is called life, having the freedom to be happy…or not. It becomes a choice. 



Doing the private full- weekend ceremony retreat in the Netherlands with Maurice & Kasia was deeply transforming and rewarding for me. I can’t imagine anywhere else where I can feel safe enough to reach such a deep level of transformation. Maurice is very experienced, you feel at ease the whole time because everything is taken care of, so I could easily relax and surrender. Maurice is a master at holding the space and the ceremony, and is leading your journey with his voice and drum, everything attuned to your energy and what you need in the moment.
So many things have changed for me, even now a month after the ceremony. First and foremost I feel a lot more connected to my body. It is like my body tells me what it needs in a new way overall I just feel more embodied. This has already lead to a list of changes, I improved my my diet drastically and now easily make my choices from my body. This has reduced my anxiety levels and brings me more clarity of what I want for myself instead of others telling me what to do.
I would highly recommend doing a private ceremony weekend retreat with Maurice and Kasia as it is deeply rewarding. What is also good with Maurice and Kasia is that they generously care about how you integrate this experience in your life and they will stay in touch and available to check in any time, .so that you are not left on your own after this deep and rewarding experience.

CEO, Norway

Thank you so much for hosting my husband and myself for such an amazing personal ceremony. It was truly a magical experience especially with your vocal instruments and your soprano healing voice. I feel absolutely blessed and I know for sure I’m on the right path after my experience today with the energy and insights gained from the cacao and the medicine. You held the space with such strength and grace and compassion. Thank you for your empowering inspiration! This for me is just the beginning of my journey… ️

I feel truly inspired to begin my new journey of life with confidence and insight, setting my younger self free with love and compassion ❤️❤️❤️



No words can describe my experience with the healing presence and hands of Kasia. If you had a traumatic experience in your life and you are ready to heal it. She is your girl!

Camie Bonger

Founder of, Holland