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Welcome to Intunity: Your Sanctuary for Profound Healing and Transformation

Who We Are


Intunity stands as a sanctuary for the soul, our relationship with spirit, embodying harmony and unity in an age of fragmentation and distraction. Rooted in ancient wisdom and responsive to modern challenges, Intunity serves as your compass to navigate the complexities of the 21st century. We offer transformative experiences that awaken the heart, empower the voice, and reconnect humanity with the natural world and the sacred within all of life.


Our Essence: Living in Tune and Unity


The name Intunity encapsulates our dual commitments: to internal harmony
(“In-tune”) and communal well-being (“Unity”).

We believe these twin pillars are interconnected and mutually reinforcing. When each individual is in tune with their own essence, unity within the broader community naturally follows. It’s a cyclical relationship: as we work on our inner selves, we become more harmonious contributors to the world around us, creating a positive feedback loop that perpetuates balance, grace, and ease.

Our Vision


To be a global vanguard for heart-centered transformation, guiding individuals and communities towards sustainable well-being, authentic self-expression, and harmonious coexistence with the Earth and each other. each person a unique note in the celestial composition that is the Symphony of Life.

“Awaken to your essence; where your heart’s vibration becomes the music that heals.”

Our Mission


At Intunity, we aim to unlock and amplify the transformative powers inherent within each individual. We are devoted to guiding people back to balance, empowering them to flow with grace and ease, embodying the soul’s frequency, and fostering heart-intelligent relations. In doing so, we wish to harmonise with the interconnected symphony of life, making our world a more balanced, loving, and vibrant place.

“In the sacred space of Intunity, your soul finds its rhythm, and your heart composes its own symphony.”

What We Bring to the World


We offer an array of transformative experiences designed to resonate with your inner essence. From Voice Alchemy to EntheoSonic® Medicine Ceremonies and Sacred Sound Therapy Journeys, each program integrates the arts of the heart, breath, movement, and voice. Through our multifaceted offerings, we aim to:

– Restore and celebrate your pure essence

– Harmonise your physical and emotional body

– Transform challenges into stepping stones, fostering resilience and healing

“A stressed nervous system can make you unwell, just like harming nature disrupts it’s balance. Healing both is key to lasting health and stability.”

Meet the Founders

Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees is a shamanic voice alchemist and mystic. From an early age, he formed a profound connection to nature and the divine. His journeys across the globe, combined with his experiences as a Buddhist monk and visionary artist, have deepened his spiritual connection. This bond gives him the unique ability to see clearly into an individual’s energy field. During EntheoSonic® ceremonies, Maurice uses his gift of psychic vision and the therapeutic power of his voice to help eliminate blockages and stagnant energy within the person’s body and psyche and to restore one’s inherent healing capabilities. For Maurice, the essence of his practice lies in realigning with the simplicity and beauty of nature.

Devotedly, he has committed his life to reintroducing the sacred into daily existence and recognising the divinity within everyone.

Kasia Patzelt

Co-founder Kasia has 20 years of experience in the healing arts. Her background includes bodywork, counselling, Vipassana meditation, breathwork, trauma release, and circle work. This myriad of experiences and deep wisdom comes together in her work that she simply terms “the art of embodiment and integration.”

Grounded, authentic and playful: Kasia is about accepting what makes us deeply human, including our shadows, while finding joy in expressing our truth in relation to ourselves, others, and the divine.

Kasia helps you identify your core personality pattern and teaches you how to regulate yourself out of a trauma response, while maintaining a compassionate but realistic view of self. 

Working with Maurice and Kasia means you are ready for deep transformation and to let go of feeling stuck in repetitive patterns and spiritual bypassing.

Through their combined energies, as a couple Maurice and Kasia bring to life the full meaning of Intunity, guiding each individual towards aligning their unique tune within the universal symphony of existence.

“Through Intunity, discover the transformative power of living in tune, not just with yourself, but with the universal dance of existence.”

We invite you to join us in this revolutionary movement towards
heart-centered living.


The time for transformation is now, and your path to personal harmony and unity with the broader world begins here at Intunity.

Welcome to Intunity – where your journey towards inner harmony and universal unity begins.

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