Frequency Asked Questions

Itunity FAQ

What is Intunity?

Intunity is a transformative platform that guides individuals on their journey to align with their divine creative nature, find sacred unity, and restore life’s balance. Led by Shamanic Voice Alchemist Maurice Spees and Embodiment Coach Kasia Patzelt, Intunity offers a range of transformative experiences that utilise the synergy of body, breath, movement, voice, and sound.

What kind of experiences does Intunity offer?

We offer sacred ceremonies with (legal) entheogens like psilocybine, sound journeys, and voice alchemy workshops. These experiences serve as portals to individual alignment and collective upliftment.

Who are Maurice Spees and Kasia Patzelt?

Maurice Spees is a Shamanic Voice Alchemist Medium and Transformational Guide, and Kasia Patzelt is an Somatic Integration and Embodiment Coach. Together, they are a couple and they both have decades of experience in guiding people toward personal and collective healing and empowerment.

What is a Voice Alchemy Medium?

Q: What does the term ‘Voice Alchemy Medium’ signify?

A Voice Alchemy Medium is a practitioner who uses the transformative power of the human voice as a medium for healing and personal growth. This role combines aspects of sound healing, vocal expression, and spiritual mediumship.

– Sound Healing: The voice is used to produce vibrations and frequencies that can have a therapeutic effect on both the mind and body. This can involve singing, chanting, toning, and other vocal techniques.

– Vocal Expression: Voice Alchemy Mediums work with  the voice as a powerful tool for expressing and processing emotions, thoughts, and spiritual energy. Through vocal expression, individuals can experience emotional release and gain deeper self-awareness.

– Spiritual Mediumship: In this context, mediumship refers to the ability to connect with and convey spiritual or energetic realms through the voice. It can involve channeling higher states of consciousness, guiding meditation, or creating soundscapes that facilitate spiritual experiences.

Overall, a Voice Alchemy Medium works to create a harmonious balance between physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through the unique and powerful use of the human voice.

What Does 'EntheoSonic®' Mean?

Meaning of ‘EntheoSonic®’:
  • Entheo: Derived from the Greek word “entheos,” meaning “inspired by the divine” or “filled with the spirit of a god.” In this context, it pertains to the use of substances like psilocybin to inspire a spiritual or religious experience.
  • Sonic: Relating to sound or the sense of hearing. In the EntheoSonic Medicine Ceremonies, ‘sonic’ refers to the vibrational qualities and transformative power of sound, as facilitated through the human voice and instruments.

    Note: The term ‘EntheoSonic®’ was coined and is claimed by Maurice Spees. Any unauthorised use of this term is strictly prohibited.

    What Can I Expect from an EntheoSonic Medicine Ceremony led by Maurice Spees?

    1. What is an EntheoSonic Medicine Ceremony?

      An EntheoSonic Medicine Ceremony is a unique, holistic approach to profound healing and self-discovery. These ceremonies are guided by Maurice Spees, a seasoned Shamanic Voice Alchemist. The sessions integrate psilocybin—a naturally occurring psychedelic compound—with the transformative power of voice alchemy.

      What sets it apart?

      Unlike traditional psychedelic ceremonies, the EntheoSonic approach celebrates the sacred interplay of sound, spirit, and self. Maurice’s shamanic vocal techniques serve as an alchemical agent that enhances your psilocybin experience, allowing for deep inner journeys in a nurturing environment.

      How can it benefit you?

      1. Spiritual Awakening: Achieve a heightened state of consciousness, connecting you to your innermost self and the universe at large.

      2. Emotional Healing: Address suppressed emotions, past traumas, and mental blocks, creating space for emotional well-being.

      3. Authentic Self-Expression: Unlock your own healing voice, aiding you in authentic self-expression and inner alignment.

      4. Collective Harmony: Contribute to a greater equilibrium, playing your part in a global vibrational symphony.

      5. Enhanced Creativity: Many participants report a boost in creativity and problem-solving abilities post-ceremony.

        Note: The term ‘EntheoSonic®’ was coined and is claimed by Maurice Spees. Any unauthorised use of this term is strictly prohibited.

    What does it mean to say that our body is a “divine instrument in a cosmic symphony”?

    In the Intunity philosophy, your body is more than just flesh and bones; it’s a harmonious construct intricately designed to resonate with the universe’s frequencies. By attuning yourself to this cosmic symphony, you become more than just an individual—you become a part of something much larger.

    How does self-care play a role in Earth-attuned living?

    At Intunity, we believe self-care goes beyond pampering the body; it’s about nurturing the soul and aligning your energy with the Earth’s natural rhythms. By practicing self-care, you’re not just benefiting yourself; you’re contributing to a global equilibrium.


    How is the voice an “alchemical agent” for transformation?

    The human voice has the power to affect energy and shift atmospheres. With Intunity’s focus on Authentic Expression, we believe your voice can be a potent force for transformation—both for yourself and for others.


    How does personal transformation lead to a larger societal change?

    Personal transformation is the cornerstone of Intunity’s mission. As each individual attunes themselves to their true essence and begins to live authentically, the cumulative effect can initiate societal transformation. Your journey towards self-realisation and healing not only benefits you but also contributes to a greater, collective harmony.

    What is my role in this “vibrational symphony of life”?

    Your individual journey, as facilitated through Intunity, is a single note in the grand symphony of life. When you align, awaken, and prosper in harmony with nature, you help create a world that resonates with peace, love, and unity. You’re not just improving your life; you’re enriching the lives of every being on this planet.

    What is your relationship with Earthkeepers Foundation?

    In partnership with Earthkeepers Foundation, we share a broader vision for societal transformation, laying the groundwork for a new, harmonious paradigm based on synarchy. Our collaboration aims to create a world where cooperation replaces governance and community replaces domination.

    How can I participate in your events or programs?

    To participate, you can sign up on our website or follow the specific registration details given for each event. We offer both online and in-person experiences.

    Are your programs suitable for beginners?

    Absolutely! Our programs are designed to be accessible to people at all levels of experience.

    What do I need to bring or prepare for your ceremonies and workshops?

    This varies depending on the specific experience, but generally, an open heart and a willingness to engage are the most important requirements. Any additional requirements will be specified in the event description.

    Can I speak to someone before signing up?

    Yes, you can book a Discovery Call with us to find out more about our offerings and see if they align with what you are seeking.

    What if I have a medical condition or am under medication?

    Please consult your healthcare provider before participating in any of our programs, especially if you have a medical condition or are under medication. We are not medical professionals.

    What is the cancellation and refund policy?

    Each program may have its own set of cancellation and refund policies, which will be clearly stated during the registration process.

    How can I stay updated about future events and offerings?

    You can sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay updated about future events and offerings.