Maurice spees-my voyage

“The hawk and eagle, my spiritual compasses since childhood, signal when I’m aligned with my true path and open doors to profound spiritual insights.”

Navigating Realms:
A Personal Note from Maurice

From the very beginning of my life, I’ve always felt an innate connection to energies and realms beyond the physical. I was born with a heightened sensitivity that led me to naturally act as a guide for others—even souls transitioning to the afterlife. My psychic abilities manifested early, allowing me glimpses into multidimensional facets of existence, and granting me visions and sounds that were both insightful and profound.

A traumatic birth experience gave me the ability to easily shift out of my body, a mechanism for self-preservation that eventually evolved into a way to help others to fully incarnate or leave the body when it’s time. During my dreamtime as a child, my soul ventured out to assist those who were trapped between realms, guiding them toward peace and resolution. I’ve carried this gift with me, albeit transformed and matured, into my adult life. I fully incarnated with the help of my own voice, and that is where I started to develop the alchemical properties of the voice and sound.

My spiritual journeys have taken me to places of awe-inspiring natural beauty, where unspoiled primal energies have instilled in me a deep reservoir of power that I channel through my voice. These energies range from the ancient druidic and Celtic traditions to the primal forces embodied by power animals into the light of the Divine. I don’t give it a name but a purpose. This tapestry of sound is backed by the Divine, allowing me to open doors for those who are spiritually or emotionally stuck.

I’ve witnessed the disconnect many people have with their bodies—a disconnect so profound, some are virtually ‘dead’ to their own physicality. My mission is to restore that connection. Whether it’s helping people fully incarnate into their bodies or even assisting souls in transitioning to the afterlife, my focus is to move you through the resistance that prevents you from fully embracing life—or death.

In my work, I hold a non-dualistic space. I neither move towards extreme light nor dark; instead, I balance these energies in my centre, allowing the spine to become an instrument of the Divine. It’s not about worshiping external entities but recognising the Divinity that exists within us all.

Let’s go on this transformative journey together. Let’s go deeper.

“My spiritual journeys to awe-inspiring natural landscapes are not escapes, but pilgrimages to refuel the reservoirs of power that I channel through my voice.”