A 2-Day Journey of Shamanic Healing with the Divine Synthesis of Voice Alchemy and Sacred Mushroom Wisdom, Guided by Maurice Spees

What is EntheoSonic®?


Entheo: Derived from the Greek word “entheos,” meaning “inspired by the divine” or “filled with the spirit of a god.” In this context, it specifically refers to our work with legal plant-based substances, such as psilocybin in locations where it is legal, to facilitate deep spiritual experiences.

Sonic: Relating to sound or the sense of hearing. In the EntheoSonic Medicine Ceremonies, ‘sonic’ underscores the vibrational qualities and transformative power of sound. This aspect is brought to life through the human voice and various instruments, aiming to deepen the healing journey and enhance the ceremonial experience with spirit. 

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“Join us on an extraordinary journey that goes beyond traditional healing. Experience the transformative power of sacred sound, awakening you to the magic that weaves through life and your unique role within it. This harmonious experience aligns every aspect of your being, inviting you into a dance of deep connection and balance.”

Your Path to Breakthrough, Embrace a New Chapter in Life

Are you seeking a profound transformation and a deeper connection with the divine? Join us for an exclusive 2-day Sacred Medicine Ceremony, featuring psilocybin truffles. Under the guidance of Maurice Spees, an expert in Shamanic Voice Alchemy and Transformational Guidance, these sessions take place in serene, sacred environments ideal for self-discovery and profound healing.

Embark on a personal odyssey of sound and spirit with Maurice. These ceremonies are meticulously crafted to confront and transcend life’s challenges, re-establishing a connection with your deepest essence. Our personally tuned soundscapes are designed to initiate a profound journey, guiding you back to your authentic self.

Each ceremony commences with an optional heart-opening cacao session, creating an ideal environment for your customised psilocybin experience. For a fully immersive journey, complete with discovery, introduction, and post-ceremony integration, we suggest a stay nearby in an Airbnb or nature house. Assistance in arranging your accommodation is available.

Private 1:1 Medicine Ceremony

A Journey Tailored Just for You

Our Private 1:1 Medicine Ceremonies offer a sanctuary for profound healing and self-discovery. Led by Maurice Spees, this intimate experience is customised to your unique journey, facilitating a deep reconnection with your inner beings, the primal and the divine and fostering transformation on all levels.

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Group Medicine Ceremony

Individual Journeys, Collective Transformation

Join Shamanic Voice Alchemist Maurice Spees for a unique group ceremony featuring both private and communal elements. A true oneness experience. Each participant starts with a 1:1 vocal and sound healing journey with Maurice, amplified by psilocybin. Once ready, the group comes together to integrate individual insights into a shared, transformative experience.

Ideal for those who seek the intimacy of personal healing within the expansive energy of a collective journey into oneness.

Join us for a communal journey of harmonious exploration.

What to Expect:

Tailored Experience:
Led by Maurice Spees, each ceremony is meticulously curated to meet your individual needs in a private, sacred setting.

Multi-Layered Healing:
Benefit from a combination of psilocybin, shamanic practices, and somatic sound therapy to address your well-being on multiple levels.

Heart-Opening Intro:
Ceremonies start with pure cacao/blue lotus offerings to prepare you emotionally and spiritually for the deeper psilocybin journey.

Expert Guidance:
Navigate the complexities of your inner world safely and enrich yourself under the guidance of a skilled Transformational Guide and Shamanic Voice Alchemist.

Post-Journey Integration:
Receive personalised assistance to weave your transformative experiences into your daily life.

“Unlock the gateway to your inner sanctuary; a realm where spiritual insight and emotional freedom converge. This is not just an event but a metamorphosis, a sacred rite of passage into the truest version of yourself.”

Who Will Benefit Most from This Experience?


Who Will Benefit Most from This Experience?

Seekers of Divine Connection and Self-Realisation:
This experience is tailor-made for individuals yearning to deepen their connection with the divine, reclaim scattered aspects of themselves, and discover their core truth and purpose on Earth. It’s ideal for those seeking to feel a profound sense of belonging and to embody their true essence.

Both First-Timers and Seasoned Explorers of Psychedelics:
Our ceremonies are crafted to facilitate deep, transformative experiences, making them suitable for both newcomers and those with previous psychedelic experiences. We provide a safe, nurturing environment for everyone to explore their spiritual journey.

Proponents of Comprehensive Well-Being:
Perfect for those who value holistic approaches to healing, our ceremonies offer a path to unify emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness, embracing the journey towards a harmonious, balanced self.

Legal and Health-Conscious Participants:
We welcome individuals of legal age who meet the health criteria as defined by legal and medical standards. Our commitment is to ensure a safe and responsible experience for all attendees.

Divine Attunement Medicine Ceremony: A Transformative Experience


In this Divine Attunement Medicine Ceremony, you will have the opportunity to discover and resonate with your unique frequency, reconnecting with the spiritual essence of your being. This experience offers more than healing; it is a gateway to deep connection and the unlocking of your latent potential. With Maurice’s guidance, steeped in his intimate knowledge of spiritual embodiment and passage, you will navigate the realms of transformation and self-discovery.

About Your Guide and Facilitator: Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees stands as a beacon of spiritual guidance in each EntheoSonic® ceremony. A distinguished Shamanic Voice Alchemy Medium and Transformational Guide, he weaves a tapestry of profound spiritual knowledge, drawn from his rich experiences spanning from his time as a Buddhist monk to his transformative journey as a visionary artist and communicator with the spirit world, giving voice to the healing domains of spirit. His multifaceted background infuses each ceremony with unparalleled depth and authenticity.

At the heart of Maurice’s transformative methods is his exceptional ability to channel light into sound through Shamanic Voice Alchemy. In harmony with the intelligence of psilocybin, he creates a therapeutic environment where sound, spirit, and sacred medicine converge, facilitating journeys of profound healing and self-discovery.

Maurice possesses a unique expertise in opening portals to the primal, ancestral realm, and the divine. Coupled with the mystical properties of psilocybin, his guidance aids in the dissolution of internal blockages, awakening participants’ innate powers of healing. Each ceremony, under Maurice’s care, transcends traditional sessions, evolving into a transformative passage towards rediscovering one’s true essence. It is a journey guided by the ancestral wisdom and divine connections he channels through his sound and voice alchemy.

“Dedicated to weaving the sacred into everyday life, Maurice’s guidance is not just about healing- it’s about rediscovering and honouring the divine within each of us.”

(All Photography by Maurice Spees)

Continue Your Journey with Intunity:

Our comprehensive  somatic integration guidance program is designed to seamlessly integrate your spiritual growth into everyday life. Contact us for more information and to book your discovery call.

Join us on this mystical journey of self-discovery and deep connection. Experience your essence.


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What people say about our ceremonies, journeys and retreats


Maurice has guided an amazing ceremony for us. We asked Maurice to guide a ceremony for us to get clarification on a big decision. He created a beautiful, sacred and ancient set-up and ritual that made us feel very safe and connected to our intentions and to all the creatures of nature. I am so happy we invited Maurice to hold this beautiful space for our journey and guiding us to our deeper questions. With his guidens during the ceremony and also the days afterwards we got lots of clarification and the answers we hoped for.


CEO, Netherlands

It was such a blessing that I got to experience a magical ceremony with Maurice. I can say that it was the best experience in my life. It is hard to put it in words as the experience was beyond words and beyond anything I have experienced. Maurice holds space with so much love and so much knowledge. His voice is a channel that transports you to the divine in you. It was an experience that I will be forever grateful for. Thank you Maurice for what you do, I am truly blessed to have had the chance to go on this journey with you. You will surely see me again and again..

Sarah Rafeh


I'm typing this with tears in my eyes. Man, you've no idea how much you have helped me. I can't thank you enough for facilitating the journey I've been able to embark on with you. It was incredibly intense but also feels like a very important step, and you've been a tremendous help in making it.

Even though I was very scared, I had a lot of trust in you all along the way. You really made me feel like I was in good hands.

The ceremony had a huge impact on me and has brought about a lot of change towards a healthier and happier life. It's been over a month now, and I look back on it as one of the most impactful moments in my life. A turning point where I, with your help, steered myself from a dark path to a much lighter, happier, and above all, more honest life. I no longer see the world so much through a tunnel but feel open, clearer of mind, more awake... You've made me realise that I can be much kinder to myself, am much stronger, and can also unleash much more potential. If I had continued the same way, I would not have grown old, and you helped me to come closer to myself again.

What exactly happened is so hard to put into words, and I take your advice not to do so to heart.  But that it has been a very important, positive experience is beyond doubt.

Dear Maurice, thank you so much!


Filmmaker, Netherlands

My session with Maurice simply incredible. It was a journey of self-understanding that left a profound impact on me.
From the moment I entered the space, I felt a genuine sense of compassion and warmth.
he created a safe and non-judgmental environment where I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and emotions. I gained valuable insights into myself.
The impact of this experience has extended beyond the session, as I continue to integrate into my self.
I highly recommend this transformative journey for anyone seeking profound self-understanding and personal growth .



Highly recommended Voice Alchemy retreats with Maurice, very powerful moments!
It was a very interesting experience, i am shy and had problems to connect with my voice, this helped me a lot finding a way to express my voice.
I loved that this was the first time i feel the element air inmy life!
It was a great experience! Thank you Maurice!
Paule El Hage


What a magical experience... this has been the most powerful and healing session of my life. I received amazing messages and I feel like a new person. Maurice is such a beautiful soul and is so connected throughout the entire ceremony... I felt like he guided us so beautifully and he knew exactly what was going on inside of us. I can't wait to have another ceremony with him.


The ceremony with Maurice was transformational, his beautiful voice brings in the divine and healing happens!

Rita Salame


I acquired an understanding that nothing had to be done, nothing had to be solved, nothing had to be forced … a clarity that I had never reached … beyond the ego, beyond the physical… the unknown was now known … I tapped into the power and gifts of my soul and the fears that were keeping me from embracing them … I connected to my light … this was everything … a rebirth, the beginning of a new life. Let alone the setting and the beautiful house we were having the ceremony at. Let alone the love and care I got from Maurice and Kassia. I felt at home. I felt taken care of. It was beautiful. I recommend it to all beautiful souls out there struggling in the matrix.



My journey with Maurice was ineffable and I will try to do it justice to find the words that capture this transcendent experience. Maurice is a fantastic guide, not only for myself but for the medicine itself. He utilizes finesse as well as great insight when using his gift in a way that allowed me to feel completely safe and supported and at the same time non-intrusive. Throughout I felt I had the space to travel my path and yet knowing that he was with me throughout holding the space and releasing pressure when needed.

During the ceremony, his voice and music allowed my voice to open in a way I had never heard myself sound like before in all 45 years I’ve been on this planet. It was the most powerful aspect of this journey - I heard myself for the first time. Maurice does not imitate anyone, he is truly a unique sound healer.

My intention was to connect with my sacral and I felt a tremendous release through the medicine with Maurice’s guidance that felt like a traumatic release in connection to my mother and her childhood trauma. It was the first time I felt energy moving in my sacral and it was both a relief and truly empowering.

This was my first journey with Maurice and it will definitely not be my last. He is a true healer and a wonderful human being.



What an amaaazing ceremony we had with Maurice…Ive been to lots of ceremonies and met lots of Shamans.. some great ones as well.. But Maurice is a very very very special being.. so the ceremony isnt only about the medicine or the inner journey and the incredible healing (one of the most profound Ive ever had.) but all about how the space is held with so much love, selflessness and care.. Maurice is a very very special Soul that is rare to find..  give yourself this gift of a life time experience with Maurice.. Blessed to have been in your space. Thank you Angel.


What I experienced in Maurice's Voice Alchemy Intensive was profoundly special. These were touches of the soul. I experienced a glimpse of that huge power and healing force the voice and also so much love and space. I am truly motivated to learn more and start practicing not tomorrow, but today! Thank you Maurice, for helping me find my own voice ✨and to trust my voice???? At the workshop already I could experience this feeling of natural power myself that i sort of knew was in there but i couldn't reach. The feedback off with the exercises with the other participants really blew me away: I was able to bring them peace, energy, healing, love, and space with my voice ... And yes, practice just happened naturally Maurice as predicted, for me on the bike on my way to teaching an yogaclass this morning.
Maurice teaching's are very clear, down to earth. He know's a lot and can make you smile too. And his voice helps your voice to blossom.
Thank you, Maurice ????????I'll be back!
Isolde Zandee


Unlike most journeys where you have a blind fold and lie down with a space holder looking at you taking notes. With headphones . As if you are sick...
The journey with Maurice is a ceremony of prayer with the medicine. His voice, callings and the medicine transport you to deep layers of your self in the most sacred and beautiful way.
Thank you for holding a truly sacred space .. so grateful!



I had an amazing experience at the retreat with Kasia Patzelt and Maurice Spees in Spain this year. It was lovely personal evolution and rebirth time. It is self-curing and medicine for my soul. Grandiose thank you. I am so so happy and blessed to have met you all and my retreat friends. Magic tribe! We are connected and will stay... Lots of love!


How to even find the words to describe how magical that ceremony was and it wouldn’t have been the magical experience it was if it wasn’t for Maurice. He was simply amazing, he held the space so beautifully, made me feel safe, his voice transported me to another dimension, he accompanied me on this journey and I couldn’t be more thankful and grateful to have crossed paths with him. It was a journey of love, one that I will carry with me for ever. Thank you for helping me feel divinity right here on earth. 



Working with Maurice Spees has been transformational on many levels. Maurice is a pure powerful vessel connected to Source. He holds space with Light. His voice, intuition and tenderness gives him a unique signature. I am grateful to have crossed path with this lightworker ?

I want to thank Maurice for being the being that he is. Maurice is a vessel whose main purpose is to help people heal. His connection with the medicine and relationship with Spirit is unique. His medicine is potent. The space of his ceremony is filled with light. Maurice is born to do that.


Paris, France

Before the ceremony, I was a tired soul that was sleep walking through life. I did not feel joy or a purpose for life anymore.
And then the medicine ceremony helped me ''wake up'' and breathe again. It was a real rebirth. I felt alive again, for the first time in as long as I can remember.
I feel so much lighter, and closer to my true essence than ever before.
I saw myself, or a glimpse of myself for real.
It was the most liberating, moving and touching experience I've had so far on both spiritual and emotional levels.
Today, I really feel a major shift in my life and how I look at things.
It's simply beautiful.
Wishing for all beings to have this opportunity to feel life and deep love again.


I participated in a ceremony with Maurice. Wow, euphoric. I felt completely at ease and it was so nice to be in his space. It's a pleasant journey from the start and actually it doesn't end. Maurice helped me so well, the trust, the space, the music, his presence, the food, and so on. The journey itself was indescribable and I can't wait to do my next one.


The Netherlands

Thank you so much for hosting my husband and myself for such an amazing personal ceremony. It was truly a magical experience especially with your vocal instruments and your soprano healing voice. I feel absolutely blessed and I know for sure I’m on the right path after my experience today with the energy and insights gained from the cacao and the medicine. You held the space with such strength and grace and compassion. Thank you for your empowering inspiration! This for me is just the beginning of my journey... ️

I feel truly inspired to begin my new journey of life with confidence and insight, setting my younger self free with love and compassion ❤️❤️❤️



About Maurice @Intunity Retreat, Ibiza:

"In your presence Maurice I feel astonishment, like "what! this is even possible?” And you are truly an imprint of a new world, and for that I feel deeply touched. You display a breathtaking spectrum of qualities - from innocence to wisdom, and a balanced blend of both masculine and feminine energies. You are like a dance of opposites, harmoniously intertwined, leading me back to my initial feeling of astonishment. And it also feels you are my brother from another planet. I am really grateful for the opportunity to have been in your presence and to witness the unique gifts you bring to the world. Wow. Thank you for the music too."



I had the beautiful opportunity to tap into the power of voice with Maurice during the Voice Alchemy intensive course. I’ve been wanting to delve into this understanding for some time, and I’m very happy to have had this experience as the start of this journey. I’m grateful for Maurice’s support to provide a protected space for myself and those with me whom I shared this experience with. I felt understood, cared for, connected and loved with little being said and much that was being felt, with the beautiful guidance of Maurice’s gift. Thank you Maurice for sharing your gift with us, and thank you for your support in tapping into our own.



Doing the private full- weekend ceremony retreat in the Netherlands was deeply transforming and rewarding for me. I can't imagine anywhere else where I can feel safe enough to reach such a deep level of transformation. Maurice is very experienced, you feel at ease the whole time because everything is taken care of, so I could easily relax and surrender. Maurice is a master at holding the space and the ceremony, and is leading your journey with his voice and drum, everything attuned to your energy and what you need in the moment.
So many things have changed for me, even now a month after the ceremony. First and foremost I feel a lot more connected to my body. It is like my body tells me what it needs in a new way overall I just feel more embodied. This has already lead to a list of changes, I improved my my diet drastically and now easily make my choices from my body. This has reduced my anxiety levels and brings me more clarity of what I want for myself instead of others telling me what to do.
I would highly recommend doing a private ceremony weekend retreat with Maurice and Kasia as it is deeply rewarding. What is also good with Maurice and Kasia is that they generously care about how you integrate this experience in your life and they will stay in touch and available to check in any time, .so that you are not left on your own after this deep and rewarding experience.

CEO, Norway

The experience was amazing … It is still with me, in my heart, in my everyday experience … Maurice, a beautiful awakened soul that reached a state of balance between his divine feminine and divine masculine accompanied me on my journey … This journey was out of the ordinary … nothing I had ever experienced before … it gave me a sense of the truth; the truth of my soul and my existence… the truth behind my sufferings, my wisdom, my strength and my pain … An understanding on another level, a maturity in the way I look at things… it changed my entire perception … I was finally feeling enough and standing in my power … the power of the divine …


The best way I can describe "The journey with Maurice" is like embedding the song "amazing grace" into your body and life. Maurice with his magnificent voice, allows tremendous life transformation to occur, connecting you with the mother, feminine power, the serpent (giving rise to healing), as you unveil answers and reach the truth within you. You are naked, real, authentic and feel safe after that. You become the director in what is called life, having the freedom to be happy...or not. It becomes a choice. 



I experienced a ceremony with Maurice and my experience was incredible
I felt safe enough to just allow my emotions to flow and was guided by an intense feminine energy inside my body, when i connected with it i just couldn't stop crying, I felt very liberated.
It has really taught me to feel the energy inside my body and how to connect with it
and afterwards, now every day I've been practicing to tune in inwardly and feel what's going on.
Thank truly!



You come from a far land
To help us all understand
Every time we tend to fall
You give us your hand
And make us stand tall

You lift us with your voice
You silence any scary noises
We learn how to make a choice
To turn our thorns into roses
And how to celebrate and rejoice

You touch and dry our falling tears
We replace them with happy smiles
You help us embrace our biggest fears
To walk the journey of a thousand miles
And to keep existing for years and years




The Voice Alchemy intensive has empowered me so much. I start to understand better and better how to guide myself in the journey of my own voice. I highly recommend this intensive for those who on the path of self-realisation and awareness.  It doesn't matter- if you have read a lot about the subject or not, or have any background in singing or sounding, if you are spiritual or not. Open your senses and dive in deeply into liberation. It's absolutely worth it!
Renata Vieira


About Maurice @Intunity Retreat, Ibiza:

"In your presence I feel curious, I feel this vast and varied landscape of humbleness and adventure, as well as a balance between curiosity and stability.

In your presence it has been a very interesting and beautiful unfolding as I get to know the many layers of you, of the music you played as an Ecstatic Dance dj, the soundscapes, the channeling and the masculine presence that you provide for this group has left a deep impression, it’s deeply truly humbling and honouring. . I am incredibly thankful for the unique gift you share with us, and I am learning how to embrace and utilise this gift that I have been fortunate to receive. And in your presence I feel safe and I feel a deep sense of well-being."


Costa Rica

About Maurice @Intunity Retreat, Ibiza:

"Maurice, in you, I perceive profound connections to strength, masculinity, the innocence of a child, and the vast expanse of the cosmos. I am moved by the way you channel energy, allowing such powerful forces and strength to flow through you effortlessly. Your willingness to share this part of yourself, as well as your own being, speaks volumes of your courage, and for that, I am deeply thankful.

You have revealed to me the delicate nature that can exist within masculinity, providing a perspective that is both refreshing and enlightening. Your talent is something I hold in high regard, and I want to express my extreme gratitude for all that you are and all that you share."