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Transform your Life with Your Voice

Sacred Sound: Tab into the Alchemy and Healing Power of Your Voice

Your voice is a powerful instrument with multidimensional healing capabilities. Engaging in voice alchemy with techniques such as toning, chanting, and intuitive singing allows you to become an alchemist of sound. Unearth the innate vibrational qualities of your voice, which serve as catalysts for comprehensive well-being.

Tapping into your voice’s ability enables healing, balancing, and metamorphosis across physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. You are essentially your own healer, equipped with a tool—your voice—that possesses a potent capacity to ignite this power and foster deep, multidimensional healing.

Immerse yourself in this sacred practice to unearth the boundless potential that resides within you, awaiting expression through the most authentic sound you can make: your own voice.

Private Six-Month 1:1 Journey

 Awaken the Multidimensional Healing Power of Your Voice

Embark on a transformative six-month odyssey with Maurice Spees. Through techniques like toning and chanting, release and alchemise the hidden frequencies within your voice for holistic healing and transformative growth. Are you ready to tap into your voice’s innate alchemy? Join us.


Group Session

Unleash the Power of Voice Alchemy in a Transformative Group Experience

Engage in a communal space that elevates individual voice alchemy. Voicing together amplifies each unique frequency, enhancing overall healing and providing a safe arena to overcome shyness, tapping into deeper vocal healing potential.


These workshops and intensives are designed to be inclusive, welcoming participants at all levels—whether you have a background in singing or are exploring your voice for the first time.

Feel free to contact Maurice for exclusive private classes. 

“Your voice is not just sound; it’s a symphony of interconnected frequencies that have the power to heal, transform, and awaken both you and the world around you.”

What Awaits You in Voice Alchemy:

Harmonise Your Multi-Dimensional Self:

Experience a profound sense of equilibrium that reverberates through your physical, emotional, and spiritual planes, creating a unified field of well-being.


Tab into the Alchemy of Healing:

Harness the ancient wisdom and transformative capabilities of your voice to catalyse profound healing and transformation within your multidimensional existence.


Embark on a Pilgrimage to Authenticity:

Navigate the depths of your own resonance, on a journey toward reveiling your truest self. Your voice becomes the compass guiding you toward unexplored realms of self-discovery.


Awaken Divine Synergies:

Align your vocal vibrations with the universal tapestry of sound, forging an intimate connection with the sacred and divine rhythms that underlie the fabric of life.


Rediscover Your Essence Expressed in Sound:

Through voice alchemy, engage in the deepest form of self-expression as you bring forth the essence of your being, a force so foundational it has the power to shape and resonate with the entire cosmos.


Join us, and attune your life to a harmonious melody that sings in perfect unity with your soul’s purpose. 

“Sacred sound isn’t just a discovery; it’s a deep reawakening to our innate magic and the very forces that birthed us into existence. It’s a journey of aligning every facet of our being with the divine order of creation.”

About Your Guide: Maurice Spees


Maurice Spees stands as a groundbreaking pioneer in the realm of holistic voice alchemy, embodying both the roles of a Shamanic Voice Alchemist and a Somatic Sound Healing Therapist. Through his devoted exploration of sound’s healing potential, he perceives the voice as a divine instrument—a celestial bridge harmonising our primal essence with the ethereal.

During his first experience teaching a group, Maurice had a profound realisation: we often neglect the extraordinary power and sanctity of our voices, taking them for granted or misusing them. However, sound isn’t merely a form of communication; it’s the essence of life energy that holds the power to transform electro-magnetic fields, alter impulses, and even shift our consciousness.

In his workshops, voice alchemy transcends mere technique to become a holistic, immersive experience that deeply heals and spiritually awakens its practitioners. His unique approach blends ancient wisdom with modern somatic therapies, enabling you to tab into your voice’s innate healing abilities.

Maurice’s guidance facilitates a journey that transcends conventional vocal training. His sessions are a conduit for transformation, aligning your unique vocal qualities with timeless, universal harmonies. This alignment doesn’t just rejuvenate you; it extends its balancing and revitalising effects into every facet of your life. By tapping into the sacred power of sound, you can restore homeostasis, alleviate pain, accelerate healing, and heighten awareness.

Join Maurice for an experience that goes beyond vocal training to transform every aspect of yourself. 

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About Your Guide: Maurice Spees

Maurice Spees is more than just a Shamanic Voice Alchemist and Somatic Sound Healing Therapist; he’s a pioneer in holistic voice alchemy. Drawing on years of experience, Maurice cultivates a safe, nurturing environment where your voice becomes a channel for deep healing and personal change.

 In his workshops, voice alchemy isn’t just a technique—it’s an enveloping experience that deeply heals and spiritually awakens you. His approach merges ancient wisdom with somatic therapies, helping you tap into your voice’s natural healing power.

With Maurice as your facilitator, you’re not just learning—you’re transforming. He helps you align your unique vocal qualities with timeless, universal harmonies. This alignment benefits not just you, but also extends its balancing and rejuvenating effects into your everyday life.

Join Maurice for an experience that goes beyond vocal training to transform every aspect of yourself.

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“Your body is not just flesh and bones; it’s a delicate instrument of the divine, in harmony with the universe. Tending to it through mindful self-care allows you to fine-tune its capabilities. Your voice becomes a transformative force, aligning you with your authentic self. This journey is not solitary; as you liberate yourself from limitations, you elevate the collective vibration. In this state of freedom, you’re not just shaping your own destiny—you’re contributing to the greater evolution of human consciousness.”


Maurice Spees

Unearth extraordinary benefits:


Transform Through Sound: A Journey into Your True Essence

Sound is not just audible stimulation; it’s a catalyst for personal transformation and a gateway to a deeper connection with yourself and the universe.

Empower Your Authentic Voice and heal from within

Tab into the multidimensional healing powers of your voice, dissolve blockages, and facilitate deep-seated healing.

Align with the Universe and Ignite Spiritual Growth

Use your voice to harmonise with universal rhythms, leading to mind-body-spirit synchronisation and higher levels of self-awareness.

Rediscover Ancestral Wisdom and Universal Connections

Access your cellular memory to awaken dormant wisdom, and deepen your understanding of sound’s universal language.

Understand the Universal Language of Sound

Gain insights into the transformative power of sound across all aspects of existence and creation.

Master Harmonic Overtones

Explore the realm of harmonic overtones to reshape your sonic experience and sense of self.

By embarking on this transformative journey, every sound you make becomes a pathway to deeper understanding, healing, and spiritual growth.

Join us and let your voice become the key to your awakening.

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