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In a world where we are constantly bombarded by noise, the esoteric art of “Voice Alchemy” offers an elixir of profound transformation. Guided by the expertise of Maurice Spees, this intensive journey is designed to awaken the multi-dimensional healing capacities of your voice, utilising the ancient wisdom of sacred sound to re-balance your entire being—physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual.


The Sacred Reverberations of Sound

Far from being a mere discovery, sacred sound serves as a potent re-membering, a mystical alchemy that aligns the disparate elements of our being into a harmonious order. It is a sublime reconnection to our primordial essence, inviting us to remember the divine tapestry from which we are woven.


Techniques for Vibrational Equilibrium

Under Maurice’s devoted tutelage, participants will be imparted with the keys to purify, equilibrate, and invigorate their energy matrices. By harnessing the transcendental qualities of sound, music, and voice, we submerge ourselves into this sacred artform, awakening our higher selves and rekindling the innate magic of our existence.


The Odyssey of Unearthing Inner Gold

Maurice’s life mission orbits around the potentialities of human sound—a golden elixir that he passionately shares through these intensives. His teachings help us re-orient and re-attune ourselves to our soul’s unique frequency or keynote, thereby engendering holistic well-being and spiritual completeness. This is not merely about self-improvement; it is a direct passage to elevated states of being.


The Primordial Resonance

Through the practice of Voice Alchemy, we liberate our ancestral memory stored in the cellular vaults of our being. This enables us to utilise our vocal cords as instruments of liberation, releasing pent-up energies and underlying traumas. We begin to understand that our voice is a portal, connecting us with forgotten dimensions of self, and granting us a higher state of consciousness.


The Heart of the Matter

The golden frequency—the frequency of unity, love, and healing—emerges as the nucleus of our journey. It allows us to explore the divine essence of sound and empowers us to utilise our voices as catalysts for transformation. Gone are the desires to become the next celebrity sensation; Voice Alchemy transcends persona, freeing our unique vibrational signatures to express themselves without attachment or limitation.


The Harmonic Symphony of Being

Each of us is a divine symphony in perpetual motion, a complex harmony of frequencies, some of which may be discordant due to life’s trials and tribulations. Through this intensive, we learn to wield sound as an alchemical tool, directing it through our chakras and into our physical bodies, fostering equilibrium and revitalising our energy ecosystems.


The Transformative Outcomes

By journey’s end, participants will possess a deeper understanding of how to integrate the transformative power of sound into their daily lives. This comprehensive toolkit equips us to transmute negative patterns and energies as they arise, thus realigning ourselves with the higher rhythms of existence.


The Universal Resonance


Sound is the primordial force that brought the cosmos into being—an omnipresent resonance deserving of our profoundest reverence. To engage in Voice Alchemy is to engage with the very essence of life, granting us the keys to unlock doors long closed, and permitting our souls to dance freely in the ecstatic rhythm of the universe.

Voice Alchemy serves as an invitation to transcend conventional boundaries and redefine our relationship with the mystical universe that envelops us. It is restorative medicine for the soul, an enchanting voyage that warms the heart, and a harmonious bridge between the terrestrial and celestial realms.

Join us on this transformative journey into the very heart of sacred sound—a harmonious expedition that promises not just learning, but a profound sense of re-membering and spiritual enrichment.


Can’t wait to sound together. 

With love, 



“The moment we realise we are the embodiment of energy itself, we unlock boundless possibilities. To harmonise with this sacred vibration is to awaken to the extraordinary potentialities of our own being.”


Maurice Spees