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Stay in tune…

Transmute your vocal chords into a cosmic instrument capable of multidimensional healing. Integrate the arcane art of sacred sound, and witness a renewal—physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.

Sacred sound isn’t a mere revelation; it is an awakening—an exalted rediscovery of the celestial harmony that brought our existence into alignment.

Guided by Maurice Spees, this intensive experience aims to arm you with techniques to purify, stabilise, and empower your personal energetic cosmos through the direct application of sound, music, and voice. Together, we venture into the esoteric realms of sound, where sacred and secret are one and the same.

For Maurice, the journey is one of eternal learning and divine invocation. Through these intensives, he illuminates the golden treasures he’s unearthed on his pilgrimage—a personal and collective re-calibration through harmonic attunement.

“The frequency of wholeness, that elusive golden ratio of sound, becomes attainable. Together, we forge a faster and more direct path to transcendence, using music and sound as our vehicle,” 
Maurice Spees

Your voice is an untapped reservoir of potential, awaiting liberation. Sacred sound is the ancient key to unlock these dormant capabilities, transforming them into potent forces for individual and collective well-being.

And the rewards are manifold: enhanced well-being, enriched creativity, and a life in harmony with your true essence.

“The moment we realise we are the embodiment of energy itself, we unlock boundless possibilities. To harmonize with this sacred vibration is to awaken to the extraordinary potentialities of our own being.”


Maurice Spees